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When Did The Holocaust Begin?

Suppose that a Game Warden declares that rabbits are a nuisance, and that it would be good to do away with the rabbits. For a few years, rabbits are chased away, but not enough of them self-deport, so the Game Warden declares an open-ended Open Season on the rabbits. Rabbits are then hunted by bow and arrow for some years, and most survive. Then guns are used for a few more years, but there are still too many. To make matters worse, our analogous Game Warden's wilderness jurisdiction enlarges to include a neighboring game preserve, with the worlds greatest concentration of rabbits. Just then, some genius invents a mechanical rabbit harvester, and a few years later most of the rabbits are dead.

When the Game Warden first declared Open Season on the rabbits, he had no idea that a mechanical rabbit harvester would eventually be deployed to do the job with industrial efficiency, and never had an inkling that his open season declaration would lead to such a thing. He just wanted rid of the rabbits.

In this case, the Holocaust of the Rabbits began when the Game Warden declared open season on the rabbits. To arbitrarily mark the beginning of the end of the rabbits starting with the advent of the mechanical rabbit harvester is obviously incorrect as the rabbit Holocaust was well under way by then. Just not as efficiently.

In exactly this manner the Holocaust of the Jews began when Hitler declared open season on them. He did this by dehumanizing them, taking away their legal rights, declaring them traitors to Germany by their very existence, by branding them as 'the enemy', and making the persecution of the Jews a heroic, state-sanctioned act. He had laid the groundwork for this before he ever assumed power, and conditions were thus ripe for the slaughter to begin early in the regime.

It was just a matter of time before someone, in an official capacity, brought the virtual open season declaration to its logical conclusion and committed the first bow-and-arrow Jew-rabbit murder. It only took a few months.

I propose this as the start of the Holocaust: It began on the day that the very first Jew was killed— for no other reason than that he was a Jew —in a state-run Nazi concentration camp. As documented in Legacies of Dachau, by Harold Marcuse, this occurred on April 12, 1933, when four Jews were shot "attempting to escape" by SS guards at Dachau, the first concentration camp, the day after the SS took over such duties. This execution-style murder was the first of 6-million plus. Every murder of Jews after this point is a continuation of that first murder.

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